• Rosemount Estate

    Rosemount Estate

    Our largest site at 10 acres with more than 20 units ranging from large industrial buildings to newly refurbished offices.

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  • Ainleys


    A stand alone unit now occupied by the NHS

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  • Bowes Yard

    Bowes Yard

    A compact retail site with CVS Vets and Long Mill Carpets in Long Mill and a new build Coop.

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  • Calder Street

    Calder Street

    A self contained 5876 sq ft unit with yard close to the centre of West Vale

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  • Upper Ainleys

    Upper Ainleys

    Upper Ainleys development site

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  • Long Mill Lower Ground Floor

    Long Mill Lower Ground Floor

    Long Mill Lower Ground Floor suitable for industry, storage or trade. 4,144sq ft  

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  • Bay 1, Rosemount Estate

    Bay 1, Rosemount Estate

    Lofty single storey industrial unit 18,400 sq ft with two 10 tonne Donati cranes.  Area includes 1,664 sq ft newly refurbished…

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  • Newcombe House, Elland

    Newcombe House, Elland

    Newcombe House Elland now the home of Elland Christian Centre

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  • Old Foundry, Rosemount Estate

    Old Foundry, Rosemount Estate

    Rosemount Estate Old Foundry now a light and airy warehouse

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  • Fitting Shop, Rosemount Estate

    Fitting Shop, Rosemount Estate

    Rosemount Estate Fitting Shop, engineering workshop with craneage.

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  • Old Canteen

    Old Canteen

    The Old Canteen Stoves Direct showroom.

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  • The Stockyard, Rosemount Estate

    The Stockyard, Rosemount Estate

    0.61 acres (2,468 m2) of flat yard on Rosemount Estate, Huddersfield Road, Elland.  Now fully let with the adjacent Bays…

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